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Valle de Guadalupe is home to over 150 wineries which produce over 90% of all of the wine in Mexico


Enjoy the essence of Baja Med cuisine! Fine dining, farm-to-table, food trucks, country-style, wine pairings and more

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Hand-picked, small-production wines delivered on a quarterly basis from top boutique wineries in Baja!


Stay a night or two in a beautiful boutique hotel tucked in between the quiet mountains and vineyards 


Curated tours, adventure activities, zip-lines, hiking, surfing, craft breweries and a lot more!


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Valle de Guadalupe is only a 90 minute drive from San Diego and home to over 150 beautiful wineries!

Most Guadalupe Valley wineries offer premium wine tastings, winery and vineyard tours, local cheese plates and often the owners and winemakers are around to say 'hello!'

Check out the profiles of the top boutique wineries in Valle de Guadalupe and don't hesitate to use our Travel Concierge to help plan a visit!



The culinary scene in Valle de Guadalupe has been exploding over the last several years driven by incredibly creative chefs and restaurateurs.

The best restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe are understated, rustic and relaxed which enhances the experience.  The freshness of ingredients and creativity of the chefs are what sets them apart!

Review our list of top restaurants of every shape and size and feel free to use our Travel Concierge to help you plan a visit.


Staying a night (or more!) in Valle de Guadalupe is the best way to experience the unique and wonderful culture of the region.

No details or expense are spared in these spectacular boutique hotels and B&Bs to ensure that you will have a one-of-a-kind visit to Guadalupe Valley.

Check our list of top hotels in Valle de Guadalupe and don't hesitate to contact our Travel Concierge to start planning your next visit!



Enjoy Valle works exclusively with the very best tour operator in Valle de Guadalupe, Boca Roja | Baja Wine Adventures.

Wine tasting tours, culinary excursions, relaxing spa retreats, craft brewery tours, golf outings, sport fishing, off-road adventures, hiking, surfing, beach activities and more!

Use our Travel Concierge or contact Boca Roja directly to start planning your next Valle de Guadalupe wine tour!


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Valle de Guadalupe is responsible for 90% of all the wine production in Mexico and there are some seriously great wines being produced in the region.

The trick is - knowing where to find them!

We work with the region's top boutique wineries and have curated a hand-selected portfolio of the best wines and offer it in a simple and affordable wine club!

We go "beyond the wine" and offer great perks like: 

- $100 off a birthday Baja Wine Tour

- discounts on local winemaker events

- quarterly tours to visit featured wineries in Baja

- pairing and recipe ideas



Enjoy Valle is dedicated to showcasing all of the talented individuals who have helped transform Valle de Guadalupe into one of the top wine and culinary regions in the world.  We are passionate about sharing their story and providing our customers with complete, accurate and up-to-date information.  As the preeminent portal between Valle de Guadalupe and the rest of the world we understand that a roadmap needs to exist which will the allow the world to experience and celebrate the unique history and current qualities that make Valle such a special place.



We are passionate about connecting our customers with the rich, beautiful culture in Baja California.  This connection will stay with you longer than any memory of a winery or restaurant as it will be deeply entrenched in the way you view the world and interact with people forever.


Life is about learning and growing both individually and also alongside others.  It is impossible to learn without being exposed to new experiences and in turn, new information.  Enjoy Valle wants to share exciting new experiences with our customers so that we can learn and grow together.


We are always aware that we are visitors and guests in the places we travel which have their own unique, proud history and are full of many wonderful people.  A gracious attitude and an open mind are essential to enjoying the true beauty and wonder of Baja.  Respect and gratitude will unlock more doors than any key ever could.


Whenever possible we want to share our love and repect with the people we come across in our lives.  No matter where we are and no matter who we are with, there is always an opportunity, whether brief or extended, to share our good fortune with others to help make the world a better place.


Life, in a way, is a zero sum game.  If we have some thing, someone else may be without or in need of it.  We recognize that nothing on this Earth is so precious that it cannot be shared or lived without.  Any chance we have to share what we have with others is an opportunity that we will not miss.


Don't take life too seriously.  Don't take yourself too seriously.  Laugh at yourself and with others, often.  Tell the people you care about how much you love them.  If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing.  Stop and smell the roses.  Try everything at least once.  Have fun!



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